Quiz: Which 'Stranger Things' Character Are You, Really?

Quiz: Which 'Stranger Things' Character Are You, Really?
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Because seriously, you can't get enough of them.

'Stranger Things ' is set in the 1980s and features a group of friends and strangers who come together in Hawkins to fight a threat from a monster from the Upside Down, a parallel dimension that manifests itself in their world.

Because 'Stranger Things' has become so popular, so quickly, it means that we all want to be a part of the action. We all want to be friends with the kids and we all want to be like them – at least to some extent. One of the things that make this Netflix show so great is actually how relatable all of the characters are, from the kids to their older friends and even parents.

Season 4 ended on a huge cliffhanger, leaving the 'Stranger Things' gang basically on their own. And while we now have to endure more than a year without new episodes (the writing for season 5 has just started), fear not, for there's plenty to do in the meantime.

So how do you know if you're a Nancy or a Steve? From Mike to Dustin, take this quiz to find out which of the 'Stranger Things' characters you are!