Recasting Harry Potter For HBO: This Deathly Hallows Duo Is Perfect For James & Lily Potter

Recasting Harry Potter For HBO: This Deathly Hallows Duo Is Perfect For James & Lily Potter
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Everyone’s talking about a new cast for the upcoming Harry Potter series by HBO, but hear us out: these two movie actors would be the perfect Potters for the show!


  • Fans have many concerns about the upcoming Harry Potter show from HBO.
  • The new cast is a crucial decision since it will be compared with the movies.
  • Potterheads from Reddit came up with the perfect fan cast for Lily and James Potters.

The Harry Potter franchise is a weird one, isn’t it?

Despite being one of the most bankable and popular franchises in history, there’s way too little official Harry Potter content. One book series. One movie series. One game series. No, we don’t recognize the Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts, and even Hogwarts Legacy barely gets a pass thanks to the amazing Hogwarts castle.

Now, decades after Harry Potter became a worldwide cultural phenomenon, the barren fields of official content might finally receive a decent new addition: HBO is currently in the early stages of developing a new Harry Potter TV show. Of course, it’s a huge topic for all Potterheads, and many people are not quite sold on it yet.

What’s The Deal With HBO’s Harry Potter?

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Many Harry Potter fans are cautiously optimistic about the new series at best. There are many reasons for that, really: from it being another retelling of the same story to reasonable concerns about the quality of the adaptation, there are plenty of things that could go wrong. Movies have too little time for a book; a TV show has too much.

But a great director with respect for the source material could definitely make the series work, using the extra screen time they have to include more lore-friendly scenes that explore the more everyday aspects of life in Hogwarts. We all know that.

Another concern — and, admittedly, one of the biggest fan concerns — is the new cast. After the absolutely iconic actor roster of the original movies, it’s hard to imagine other people taking over these roles with the same success. And while there can never be another Maggy Smith, we think we found a way to help with this issue.

With some characters, there’s no real need for a recast. The original actors would do just fine — and we’re not even talking about the main cast!

What Is The Ultimate James and Lily Potter Cast?

While many other characters are still up in the air when it comes to their actors, Potterheads over at r/HarryPotteronHBO revealed the perfect cast for Lily and James Potters. No new actors are required, only the ones we already know and love.

Remember the kids that played young Lily Evans and Severus Snape in those flashback scenes? Well, they’re all grown up now, and they would be perfect for the new Lily and James Potters. Their names are Ellie Darcey-Alden and Benedict Clarke, and they look exactly like James and Lily after Hogwarts right now!

These two would’ve made for the perfect new Potters — especially, if Darcey-Alden was given actual green contact lenses this time over.

We don’t think fans are ready for another live-action take on Harry Potter where neither Harry nor his Mom have green eyes, and that would be largely considered a crime by Potterheads.

Other than that, we think this fan cast is nothing short of perfect. The only real problem we have with it is that we would have to demand more Lily and James scenes in the TV show just because of how amazing Ellie Darcey-Alden and Benedict Clarke look together. We need this cast. You need it. Everyone does, now.

Do you like this fan cast for the Potters?

Source: Reddit