Redditors Picked Their Favorite Yellowstone Character, And It’s Not Mo

Redditors Picked Their Favorite Yellowstone Character, And It’s Not Mo
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Lloyd rocks, they say!


  • Taylor Sheridan ’s Yellowstone has many characters, and not all of them enjoy fan love equally.
  • One of the most beloved characters of the show is Lloyd Pierce.
  • People love him for his attitude towards the one he loves and loyalty.

Over the years, Taylor Sheridan’s creation, the iconic western series Yellowstone, became one of the most popular shows of the genre. Released in 2018, it tells a story of a dysfunctional Dutton family, with the head of the family, John Dutton, being at the center of every story.

Yellowstone is the name of the ranch they manage, after many years ago the previous generation of Duttons took it from Native Americans. And since then the never-ending battles began.

The show has many characters, important or not so much, whose personalities are rather questionable. You would never say you love John Dutton as a person, but you can easily understand some of his actions.

Or, for example, the infamous Beth Dutton, who may be a badass femme fatale but still weather fan hate.

However, there’s a character that deserves all the love the viewers give him, and that’s Lloyd Pierce.

Probably the only person in the entire show that always has a genuine smile on his face and is ready to help those near him, to guide them with great advice and get all the needed work done.

He worked on the ranch with John Dutton for decades and became the oldest and the most loyal of his ranch hands. He is caring and warm, he even makes sacrifices for the land, which is so different from what the Duttons do.

Lloyd is the father figure everybody lacks in life. The fans especially enjoy his relationship with Rip.

“I just think he started to get old and probably trained Rip to take his place since he was old enough to take it over. Then since he was no longer the leader he didn’t have to be as much of a hardass and so he kind of took on the “grandpa” role to help along some of the younger newcomers,” Redditor Chiefsfan222 said.

If you feel like you didn’t get enough of Lloyd’s warm magic, Yellowstone seasons 1 through 5 are available to stream on Prime. Season 5 part 2 will be released in November 2024.