Reddit’s Harsh Verdict: Hunger Games Without Katniss’ Main Move Would Be Way, Way Darker

Reddit’s Harsh Verdict: Hunger Games Without Katniss’ Main Move Would Be Way, Way Darker
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What if Prim was the one to hear the fearful “Happy Hunger Games”?


  • Hunger Games fans speculate on the fictional reality in which Katniss didn’t take part in the competition instead of her sister, Prim.
  • It can be considered that she wouldn’t last long there due to her unpreparedness, even in case of her alliances with Peeta and Rue.

Even Hunger Games fans can forget that the whole story starts revolving after its main character, the courageous Katniss, volunteered for her little sister Prim to take her place in the bloody competition. However, there is a good place for building theories of how Prim would go through the Hunger Games if Katniss wasn’t there to save her.

Recalling the nature of Prim, played by Willow Shields, in the timeline of the first movie the 12-year-old girl was open-hearted and completely unprepared for the battle for survival. The point is that she, unlike her older sister, who was able to hunt and to navigate the wilderness, only took her mother’s healing skills, being a home child.

Therefore, the potential fate of Prim in the Hunger Games can be considered as doomed. Going further in developing a theory, it seems that she wouldn’t stand out at the initial evaluation, which would make her an outcast against the beloved tributes, receiving gifts and support from the games’ powerful creators and viewers.

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Later, during the very competition, the Internet’s prediction for Prim is not so disappointing as it may seem.

The majority of the fandom agrees that “she would survive the bloodbath but after that she would probably die”, as voiced by Redditor @FAITHBREAKER2005, due to dehydration or rather being killed by stronger rivals.

Besides, it can be assumed that Prim would join her powers with Peeta and/or Rue, as Katniss did. Peeta, being another District 12 tribute, would protect the girl due to their shared homeland or to his hidden feelings for Katniss.

However, they wouldn’t last long, just like Peeta couldn’t do it without his Mockingjay. Rue, in her turn, suited Prim in the sense they were both young, small and seemingly safe for the games’ main contenders, but even together the two girls also wouldn’t have a chance to defeat them.

“Although they would eventually die, I can see Prim, Peeta, and Rue maybe forming an alliance,” concludes @Matt_Cruse_, and we can’t agree more with such a theory.

Thus, Reddit agrees that Prim wouldn’t succeed, whether she would join other tributes or not, and that Cato, Clove or Thresh would probably win that year’s competition.

You can rewatch the first movie of the dystopian franchise, wondering if Katniss didn’t volunteer instead of her sister, as it’s available on Netflix and Prime.