Reedit Already Has Some Theories About The Next 'Silent Hill' Movie

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The 2006 horror film will finally get its well-deserved threequel, and director Christoph Gans is set to return to helm and produce the picture. But what part of the best-selling Japanese video game series will end up as a basis for the upcoming film?

The original film was based on the very first installment of the game franchise, which introduced viewers to the sleepy town of Silent Hill, where evil cultists and dangerous monsters lurk beneath a thick fog. Even though the movie gained significant cult popularity, fans are not very keen on seeing a remake or revamp, urging Gans to adapt a second 'Silent Hill' game instead.

'Silent Hill 2' allowed players to relive the twisted story of James Sunderland, who arrives in the cursed town after receiving a letter from his dead wife. Based on this premise, it's easy to assume that the story that follows will be both devastatingly personal and morbidly terrifying. In other words, it's just perfect for introducing a new audience to 'Silent Hill'.

"While the core story of SH2 is not super original even to the film world, it is inherently cinematic compared to SH1 & 3, and can be a great way to introduce a franchise". – /Cumhail.

Fans are confident that the complex psychological horror formula is perfect for the upcoming film, hoping that Gans and his creative team will abandon the entire evil cultists storyline from the first film in favor of a more sophisticated 'Silent Hill 2' narrative.

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