'Resident Evil' Fans Angry With Netflix After Series' Trailer Reveal

Image credit: Netflix

The official trailer for the Netflix live-action series adaptation of the popular video game franchise has finally been unveiled, and fans are disappointed with the direction the creative team has chosen.

The series will center on the Umbrella Corporation, the infamous bio-technology company responsible for creating a deadly virus that turns innocent people into bloodthirsty zombies. Lance Reddick will play the iconic villain Albert Wesker, whose personality has been radically altered for the series, making him a sympathetic father rather than the mutant egomaniac he was in the games. Of course, some creative decisions have to be put up with, but it seems that fans are greatly disappointed with the entire narrative of the upcoming series, accusing Netflix of turning a complex original story into a banal affair.

In a thread on Reddit fans discussed what was shown in the trailer, concluding that given 'Resident Evil's more than 20-year history of video games, Netflix could have chosen a much more exciting story than the completely boring zombie apocalypse one.

I don't mind if they do an alternate universe kind of story (seems to be the case here) but why do they always have to go post-apocalyptic with it? IMO, one of the most interesting parts of RE lore is all the geo-political fallout that ensues following the Raccoon City incident and the shutting down of Umbrella. A show about the BSAA dealing with Biohazards across the world would easily be more compelling than The Walking Dead 2. – /Armascribe.

Fans are amazed that after so many attempts at video game adaptations, the movie industry is still a long way from understanding what makes those games great – originality, audacity, deep lore system and total unpredictability. It looks like Netflix just missed its chance to win over the massive 'Resident Evil' fandom.

We have a whole world with characters and locations that can literally be full seasons (mansion season, rpd season, hell even Jill and nemesis chasing her around Racoon as a season) but yet they always seem to wanna make it more like the walking dead than true resident evil. – /noeagle77.

'Resident Evil' will arrive on Netflix July 14, 2022.

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