Rings of Power: Sauron Plot Twist That Can Change Everything

Rings of Power: Sauron Plot Twist That Can Change Everything
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As if we haven't had enough Sauron plot twists in this show already.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power have made Sauron's identity its center point, probably reluctantly, as fans could not stop theorizing about which character is in fact Sauron in disguise.

Now that we know — spoiler alert — that is was Halbrand, there is a fan theory that might change the way we see Sauron one more time.

Basically, the fan theory implies that Sauron once had a child and there might be a tragic backstory behind that — and that the show has left us plenty of clues to prove it.

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According to the theory, we can see from the very first moment that Sauron is a broken man with plenty of trust issues who gets more confident as his friendship with Galadriel progresses. However, he is still clearly damaged; for instance, when we see him around kids (and that happens surprisingly often), he smiles, but in a really sad way.

However, one particular scene in The Rings of Power appeared to convince the theory author.

"When Sauron has Adar on his back with his foot on his chest and a spear ready to drive into his throat, Adar calmly asks him "Did I cause pain to someone you love? A woman? (Sauron is not phased) A child, perhaps?" At the mention of a child Sauron's expressions turn to rage and he rears back to drive the spear into Adar but Galadriel stops him," Redditor SERIOUSLYFPASSWORDS recalls.

The tone Halbrand used when he yelled at Galadriel and told her she doesn't know what Adar did was definitely hinting that whatever Adar's deed was, it took a heavy tool on Sauron.

The theory goes on to suggest that Adar killed the child — possibly not even Sauron's biological child since Maiar cannot reproduce — and Sauron was so devastated by it that he gave up the title of the Dark Lord and left Middle-earth, only to meet Galadriel and have his spirit somewhat uplifted... enough to go back to his dark past.

Other fans think that the theory makes sense.

"It fits with the theme of the Dark Lords trying desperately to create, and being unable to truly do so," Redditor sans-delilah said.

There are several seasons of The Rings of Power to prove or debunk the fan theory. Season 2 is currently filming, with the premiere date to be set by Amazon later.