Rings of Power Season 2 Sauron is Facing a Classic Doctor Who Problem

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Oh, you thought the "Who is Sauron?" mystery was over?

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power has just finished its first season with the second one in the works, and fans already have some theories and speculations regarding the upcoming sequel.

For instance, one viral rumor suggests that The Rings of Power showrunners are considering hiring several actors to portray Sauron in each season. This basically means that, if the rumor is true, we will only have Charlie Vickers as the main villain for one season, and then he will be replaced with someone else.

Many fans have paralleled this with Doctor Who: the iconic BBC series also has its main character portrayed by a different actor every season as Time Lord regenerates into a totally different person. But is this something that The Rings of Power should implement?

"The classic Doctor Who problem. Not wanting one actor to go, because he is a really great doctor, but the next one also being amazing. At one hand I don't want Charlie Vickers to be replaced, at the other I would love multiple forms of Sauron with different actors to be there," one Redditor noted.

Still, no matter how much one loves Vickers' Sauron, the dark wizard taking a different form every season could actually make sense story-wise. Sauron is a well-known shapeshifter, so it's only natural for him to make the best out of the ability to change his appearance.

However, fans do not want to say goodbye to Vickers. So they came up with a perfect solution.

"I think whenever Sauron ventures out of Mordor to seduce, mislead, it can be another actor, but Charlie Vickers stays in his home base of Mordor. And, of course, I definitely want to see Vickers back in Numenor, for his final, irredeemable descent to darkness," Redditor Theia_Selene said.

It might be too soon to even get upset about Vickers potentially leaving the show, as the rumors of different actors playing Sauron every season have not been officially confirmed yet. After all, we will definitely have more of Vickers as Sauron in the upcoming season 2 of The Rings of Power.

Amazon is yet to schedule the premiere date for the second season. The first season is available for streaming on Prime Video.

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