Riverdale's Final Season Is Basically Fanfiction Coming To Life, And Fans Are Living For That

Riverdale's Final Season Is Basically Fanfiction Coming To Life, And Fans Are Living For That
Image credit: The CW

There was never a better creative choice for Riverdale than going all out.

On a show like Riverdale, no one really expected anything but camp for the final season.

Of course, the creative decision to take the majority of the season back to the 1950s and have the characters deal with it instead of properly wrapping up their storylines upset a lot of viewers, but it turned out to be much better on screen.

In fact, Riverdale season 7 turned out to be so unexpectedly good that many fans are now sad that it was the last.

What initially seemed like a very bad idea turned out to be the best thing the writers could do to freshen up the show and bring back the true essence of Riverdale.

Aside from bringing back the best of both the previous seasons and the original comic books, the writers and producers managed to satisfy another urge that every fandom has.

For the final season, they went ahead and turned the show into one giant fanfic, where everyone is basically shipped with everyone else, and no one is safe from getting a little action.

While this might have made any other audience extremely angry, as it would have technically ruined all the build-up between the characters right before the show ended forever, it doesn't cut that deep for Riverdale stans.

They have accepted whatever craziness comes their way for years and have learned to enjoy every second of it.

The only couple that has been so long-awaited and still missing from the mix is #Jarchie. Frankly, Jughead and Archie are the only ones who don't seem to be interacting at all.

It's very understandable how upset the shippers are, as it feels like the writers couldn't find a place for them even in this warped version of reality.

Fortunately, the season is not over yet.

There are more chapters of this story to come, so hold on tight and tune in to The CW on Wednesdays to not miss another Riverdale episode.