Robert Downey Jr Had a Real-Life Injury on Iron Man 3 Set Which Made It to Final Cut

Robert Downey Jr Had a Real-Life Injury on Iron Man 3 Set Which Made It to Final Cut
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It is not uncommon for actors to get injured on set. Sometimes, even their characters can "inherit" their injuries.

Guy Pearce, who portrayed Aldrich Killian in the Iron Man threequel, shed light on a certain something that Robert Downey Jr and his iconic character have in common in the third movie.

In an interview with GQ, the actor shared his experience on the set of Iron Man 3 with Robert Downey Jr. He particularly talked about the fight scene in Birkenstokes, revealing that Robert broke his ankle doing a stunt.

The actor had to jump from one platform to another, and at one point the man holding the rope Robert was tied to was not ready, and the landing was just too hard.

Guy admitted that this was not the first time a co-star broke his ankle while filming a movie. During the filming of Bedtime Stories, Adam Sandler also broke his ankle while playing basketball over the weekend.

Guy revealed that he was okay to shoot in Birkenstocks because they are extremely comfortable shoes and he knew that his feet would not be in the frame. Well, maybe Robert and Adam should have gotten a pair as well?

Due to an injury of the main actor, the filming of Iron Man 3 had to be interrupted for as long as six weeks.

The movie's executive producer Stephen Broussard later admitted that this was a blessing in disguise, as the downtime allowed them to polish everything they hadn't done before.

The plot was finalized and composer Brian Tyler was given more time to finish composing the score.

In fact, Downey Jr's injury fit so well with the overall mood of the movie that the filmmakers decided to keep it in the final cut.

What can we say? When your superhero name is Iron Man, it does not necessarily mean that you are actually made of iron.

Even our beloved genius, playboy, and philanthropist can get hurt — and Downey Jr's injury proved to be the perfect illustration for that.