Robert Pattinson Got Cast For His Latest Movie For a Wild Reason

Robert Pattinson Got Cast For His Latest Movie For a Wild Reason
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And it has something to do with Christopher Nolan’s favorite.


  • Robert Pattinson ’s upcoming film Mickey 17 will become his first collaboration with South Korean director Bong Joon-ho, famous for his Oscar-sweeping black comedy thriller Parasite.
  • Despite quite a long time before the movie’s release, Pattinson and Bong Joon-ho got to promote the film at CinemaCon — and the latter revealed a surprising reason why Robert Pattinson was the first candidate for the role.
  • The feature that made Pattinson stand out in this case is also pretty much inherent for another actor who gets to be Christopher Nolan ’s favorite.

Robert Pattinson hasn’t been seen much since his epic appearance as Batman in Matt Reeves’ recent superhero adaptation, but the actor is set to get all the possible attention pretty soon.

Starring in Bong Joon-ho’s sci-fi drama Mickey 17 that will hit cinemas next year, Pattinson owes his successful landing of the role not only to his brilliant acting skills, but also to a specific feature which he surprisingly shares with yet another very famous actor.

At CinemaCon which took place last week and that Pattinson and Bong Joon-ho attended together while promoting the upcoming film, the Parasite’s director revealed that the reason why Robert Pattinson stood out among all the main candidates for the role was his “crazy” eyes.

Such a bizarre compliment immediately made many fans bring another actor up in their mind — and he’s probably the one that started this trend.

Cillian Murphy, who recently swept all the major awards in Hollywood after his phenomenal role in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, has been doing this trick with piercing gaze long before Robert Pattinson found the same talent in himself — and Murphy even got a part of his wide international fame thanks to this.

As Christopher Nolan once admitted himself, before casting Murphy as Scarecrow in The Dark Knight trilogy, he almost gave Batman’s role to the Irish actor. According to the proclaimed director, he saw Murphy’s picture from the set of 28 Days Later with his head shaved and this particular craziness in his eyes — and that was the moment when Cillian Murphy captured Nolan’s attention for decades of work together.

Though initially Murphy auditioned for Batman’s role, it was Christian Bale who eventually landed it while Murphy still got to portray another major character.

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Suffice it to say that Cillian Murphy’s special feature to run through every single viewer with his strikingly blue eyes’ gaze has never left him since and is very much present even in Oppenheimer.

As Robert Pattinson also appears to be able to boast of something like this, it may also bring him more chances for being lucky at the next awards season — we’ll get to check it when Mickey 17 hits the cinemas on January 31, 2025.

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