Robert Pattinson Hated His Harry Potter Character For This Real-Life Reason

Robert Pattinson Hated His Harry Potter Character For This Real-Life Reason
Image credit: Warner Bros.

Even a fan-favorite role can bring nothing but bad vibes to the actor.

The Harry Potter franchise has been a career trampoline for many actors who are now considered the best in the business. And Robert Pattinson is no exception. Before he was cast in Twilight, he had his first taste of fame after portraying Cedric Diggory in the magical world of Hogwarts.

Hufflepuff champion Diggory wasn't a major character in the franchise, even though he meant a lot to the overall narrative.

Cedric's story is an unfortunate one. He and Harry are the two wizards who finish the huge and dangerous hedge maze and reach the Triwizard Cup together. Having decided to share the victory, they both touch the Cup, but it turns out to be the Portkey to the graveyard where Lord Voldemort is ready to return to human form. Unfortunately, that graveyard was where Cedric met his demise.

Pattinson actually made fans like his character more than they did when they only knew him from the books. But it turns out that the actor himself wasn't in love with his character. In fact, he told Virginia Blackburn, who wrote the book about his biography, that he hated Cedric – for an unlikely, but (if you think about it) relatable reason.

"I used to hate everybody like Cedric at my school. I was never a leader and the idea of my being made head boy would have been a complete joke. I wasn't involved in much at school, and I was never picked for any of the teams," he said.

There's something else that made Pattinson despise Diggory's character. He actually felt strange while portraying him, because in the book, Cedric was introduced as a 17-year-old handsome guy. And the actor kind of got the vibe that Diggory was a self-absorbed narcissist.

So Pattinson tried to create that image of him on the screen, while also trying to retain his better qualities. But in the end, it wasn't as easy as it seemed to the fans.

Source: Robert Pattinson: The Unauthorized Biography by Virginia Blackburn