SAG’s Biggest Succession Snub Is Too Ironic For Fandom’s Comfort

SAG’s Biggest Succession Snub Is Too Ironic For Fandom’s Comfort
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One thing Succession fans and haters can finally see eye to eye on.


  • After kicking off the awards season with the Golden Globes, the nominations for the 30th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards took the lead.
  • As predicted, Succession was nominated in all categories the show was eligible for.
  • However, the nominees in the Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series category caused some backlash for the snub of Jeremy Strong.

After Succession ended in 2023 on a heartbreaking note, with the Roy siblings losing their direct influence over Waystar Royco, the show is now making its final honors lap across the awards circuit. Starting with the Golden Globes and continuing on to the SAG Awards, the HBO hit is expected to sweep all the awards in the TV drama categories.

What no one could have predicted is the drama that will erupt within the fandom. With so many talented actors in the cast, the race for both Best Performance in a Leading Role and Best Performance in a Supporting Role is now quite tight.

Considering that SAG only has one combined category for Outstanding Performance, the stakes were even higher than for any other award. That's why the nominations of both Brian Cox, who was absent for most of the final season of Succession, and Matthew Macfadyen, who is considered a supporting actor, were surprising, to say the least.

The only person who was expected to get a nomination, but didn't, was Jeremy Strong. And the Succession fandom sees a great irony in all of this.

Why Wasn’t Jeremy Strong Nominated For SAG 2024

SAG’s Biggest Succession Snub Is Too Ironic For Fandom’s Comfort - image 1

It's hard to say why Jeremy Strong's performance in Succession was left out of the Screen Actors Guild awards this year. However, the fact that he was passed over by none other than Brian Cox and Matthew Macfadyen fits in a little too well with how season 4 of the show actually went for Strong's character, Kendall.

Throughout his life, Kendall and his siblings were terrorized by Brian Cox's Logan Roy, and even after his death, Kendall could not shake his influence on his life. That seems to be the case this awards season as well because no matter how little Cox was present, his performance gets just as much recognition when Strong is left out.

Topped off with Macfadyen's Tom Wambsgans takeover at the end of the show, this is a perfect case of life imitating art. Or, in this scenario, the 2024 awards season imitating the devastating finale of the Roy family's dynamic story.

Luckily, through the years of heartbreak and trauma, fans of both Jeremy Strong and his character, Kendall Roy, have learned to cope and turn their pain into memes, so now social media is flooded with the best reactions ever to the most unfortunate snub.

To see if Kieran Culkin will continue his winning streak and add a SAG Award to his Golden Globe, or if someone else will take over the category, keep an eye out for the 30th Annual SAG Awards on Saturday, February 24.