Sam Raimi Just Confirmed A Deleted Scene From 'Doctor Strange 2', And It's Huge For Mordo's Future

Sam Raimi Just Confirmed A Deleted Scene From 'Doctor Strange 2', And It's Huge For Mordo's Future
Image credit: Legion-Media

The iconic director is known for making his films short and exciting, discarding many scenes to keep the narrative engaging. But it looks like one such sequence could point to Baron Mordo's thriving future in the MCU.

At just over 2 hours long, it's no surprise that the 'Multiverse of Madness' required at least some cuts, considering how much interesting stuff was filmed for the next chapter of Doctor Strange 's adventures. Thanks to great reviews from critics and viewers, fans know that all the sacrifices made ultimately went to good use, as all of the storylines were developed and completed quite gracefully. And it looks like some of the deleted scenes won't disappear altogether, as one of them has surfaced thanks to Sam Raimi himself.

Raimi recently revealed that one particular scene featuring Chiwetel Ejiofor's Mordo and the Scarlet Witch was cut from the theatrical version – in which Wanda mercilessly beheads Mordo from Earth-616 and later in the film presents his severed head to a stunned Strange.

And while this gory scene could have played an important role in introducing Wanda as a homicidal maniac, it would have ultimately ended Baron Mordo's presence in the MCU, at least in his canonical form. Fans are certainly more than happy that the episode was deleted after all, wanting to see the antihero again.

"I'm glad that they realized not to waste him, especially for a future Dr. Strange film. Plus I think it would be a little hard to view Wanda as redeemable after that (true her going on a killing spree and enslaving a town already puts her in a bad light, but I think killing off a character we have gotten to know more and being robbed of his potential would be pushing it). I want to see more development on how severe Stephen's relationship is with his former friend," – /phantom_avenger.

Others argue that even if Marvel Studios had killed off the original Mordo, there would still be his Illuminati version to include in future projects.

"I don't think we are done with Illuminati Mordo either, the way the last shot of him was framed makes it look like he's going to come back. I wonder how long he was trapped down in that pit since he has the Sands of Visanti power dampener still on and can't use magic to get out." – /Johnny_Mc2.