Samuel L. Jackson Curses in a Never-Before-Seen Iron Man Post-Credits Scene

Samuel L. Jackson Curses in a Never-Before-Seen Iron Man Post-Credits Scene
Image credit: Legion-Media/globallookpress

Jon Favreau might be known in recent years for his massive contributions to the Star Wars universe, but 15 years ago, he was once the spark that set the Marvel Cinematic Universe ablaze.

He recently spoke to Jimmy Kimmel about the first MCU film and a never-before-seen post-credit scene featuring Samuel L. Jackson in all his foul-mouthed glory.

Favreau wrote, directed, and acted in 2008's Iron Man, the film that Marvel used as a benchmark to see if their new extended universe could work.

It was a solo adventure featuring only Tony Stark until the very end when Nick Fury steps out of the shadows to reveal himself and the Avenger Initiative to Iron Man.

Fury ended the scene with the now-iconic phrase, "I'd like to talk to you about the Avenger Initiative" before the screen cut to black.

But Favreau said there was a second version of the scene, sharing it with viewers of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

He made sure to stress that it was absolutely a real scene that they filmed, not a prank for the viewers. He did, however, say it was "just for him" – not a scene they intended to actually use in the final cut of the film.

It starts the same, with Fury berating Stark for believing he's the only superhero in the world.

He proposes a "business opportunity to Stark," to which Stark asks to whom he's speaking. "Nick Fury, motherf***er," Jackson replies – as Kimmel's audience laughs and applauds.

That word has been somewhat of a catchphrase of Jackson's, one he's yet to fully utter in the family-friendly, Disney- owned MCU. He did almost say it in Infinity War, cut off when he was dusted by Thanos.

The idea of the post-credit scene was popularized by the MCU, specifically with Iron Man's world-building final moments in 2008.

But in regards to superhero films, the phenomenon really began in 2006 with the Marvel/Fox project X-Men: The Last Stand.

Favreau is credited with being one of the strongest early forces for the MCU. Iron Man was a risky project in which they'd gambled their entire intellectual property as collateral.

Favreau's script was renowned, partially due to its indie-feeling nature, rife with improvisation. He later directed Iron Man II, but stepped down from future behind-the-scenes roles after studio intervention.

He continued acting in the MCU as late as 2021, playing Stark's driver-turned-friend Happy Hogan, a fan-favorite character who took Stark's place as a mentor to Peter Parker/Spider-Man.