Samuel L. Jackson Responds to Claims He’d Made $1.1M from Saying ‘Motherf*cker’

Samuel L. Jackson Responds to Claims He’d Made $1.1M from Saying ‘Motherf*cker’
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Samuel L. Jackson is one of the most well-respected actors, but he’s mostly famous for his signature swear word that presumably earned him a small fortune in itself.


  • Samuel L. Jackson is famous for his signature swear word, “Motherf*cker.”
  • According to some fans’ calculations, this word alone earned the actor over a million dollars.
  • Jackson himself didn’t agree with the estimation but agreed that that would’ve been great.

Some Hollywood stars have signature gestures, like John Cena; signature storytelling skills, like John Krasinski; even signature threats, like Liam Neeson. None of them have anything on Samuel L. Jackson, though: he’s the only movie star that’s world-famous for his favorite swear word that he says in almost all of his films.

And he presumably broke a bank just by saying that word alone.

Samuel L. Jackson Earned a Mill by Swearing

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Samuel L. Jackson is sitting at a $250M fortune at the time of writing. However, throughout his long and fruitful career, the actor’s earned way more than that — and since he’s always been using his signature swear word in his movies, some fans became curious just how much that word netted Jackson.

Samuel L. Jackson Responds to Claims He’d Made $1.1M from Saying ‘Motherf*cker’ - image 1

The name of this great mathematician remains unknown, but their calculations state the following. Samuel L. Jackson has made just over $357.1M from his movie roles, averaging 2200 words per each of his 156 movies. That means that one Jackson’s word is worth $1040 on average, and he said his favorite “Motherf*cker” 1116 times.

Thus, Samuel L. Jackson has earned about $1,160,640 from saying “Motherf*cker” on camera. Impressive, huh? Well, the actor doesn’t agree with this estimation.

Samuel L. Jackson Wishes It Worked Like That

Samuel L. Jackson Responds to Claims He’d Made $1.1M from Saying ‘Motherf*cker’ - image 2

Recently, Samuel L. Jackson came across this amusing calculation and couldn’t hold back. As flattering a price tag on his signature swear word as it is, the Hollywood star himself doesn’t think he has made such a hefty fortune just by cussing.

In his Instagram stories, Jackson reposted the viral screenshot and commented, “I WISH!!!” Obviously, the actor doesn’t agree with his fans’ estimations, even though he found them funny. But hey, he didn’t exactly prove it wrong, and we’d much rather live in the world where Samuel L. Jackson’s “Motherf*cker” is the real moneymaker.

Source: Samuel L. Jackson via Instagram