Scream VI: Fan Theory On New Ghostface Identity Takes A Dramatic Turn

Scream VI: Fan Theory On New Ghostface Identity Takes A Dramatic Turn
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The news that the main star of the franchise, Sidney Prescott, will not be appearing in the sixth film could be a brilliant publicity stunt. And here's why.

As the release date of Scream VI draws closer and closer, fans are trying to figure out who the masked killer is going to be this time around.

Reddit user Global-Ant proposed a theory that is beautiful in its insanity, but more importantly, it's supported by quite reasonable arguments. What if the killer turns out to be... Sidney Prescott?

Yes, everyone has heard the news that Neve Campbell will not be appearing in the new movie of the cult franchise because she was unhappy with the payment offered to her.

However, the fans don't take this news at face value and consider it to be a publicity stunt. According to some fans, there would be no way to shock the audience more than to make the main protagonist of the previous parts the killer.

Sidney has suffered for many years, being stalked by a maniac, losing friends and eventually her family. It would be more than logical if Sidney broke down psychologically and became what she fought so hard against.

Just imagine, at the end of the movie, the killer takes off his mask, and underneath it is Sidney. Nobody would have expected that.

Many also point out that Neve Campbell has not been on the screen much lately, in order to demand an unbearable amount of money for the role.

Moreover, in order to make a full-fledged reboot of the franchise, Sidney needs to die and pass the baton to a new generation.

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Given the popularity of Jenna Ortega, who will play one of the lead roles, this would be the perfect replacement.

Another argument that plays into the hands of those who support the Sidney Killer theory is the fact that the sixth film is being released too quickly after the rather successful previous one.

It's hard to believe that the script was first written with Sidney's involvement and then, after Neve refused to return to the role, they managed to rewrite it without slowing down the pace of pre-production.

So, how do you give the franchise a new lease of life by handing over the palm to young actors and make a raft twist that will make the viewers drop their jaws?

That's right, by announcing that Sidney will not appear in the movie, and in the finale to remove the mask of the maniac, under which it will be her, distraught after all the cruel events that have occurred in the last 25 years.