Secret Invasion Shocking Finale Explained & How It Will Affect MCU

Secret Invasion Shocking Finale Explained & How It Will Affect MCU
Image credit: Marvel Studios Inc.

Despite all of its downfalls, Secret Invasion managed to surprise fans with two final twists.

Instead of claiming its position as one of the MCU 's most promising projects, Secret Invasion turned out to be quite a small-scale thriller with a boring plot, one-dimensional characters, and lack of intrigue.

Viewers were disappointed that Gravik, who showed glimpses of potential through the efforts of actor Kingsley Ben-Adir, ultimately remained just another villain for the franchise. Also, Emilia Clarke 's G'iah was never properly fleshed out, while Ben Mendelsohn's Talos and Cobie Smulders' Maria Hill were ingloriously killed.

Even the protagonist, Nick Fury, never revealed any new side to himself, and there was virtually nothing to justify the existence of the series.

All in all, Secret Invasion proved to be a flopped attempt to go beyond the traditional superhero movie and create a conspiracy thriller, just another useless addition to the MCU. However, there were two notable events at the end of the show that could potentially affect the future of the entire cinematic universe.

Midway through the season, we learn that Rhodey has been replaced by the Skrulls. But how long ago did that happen? There is a hint at the very end, when the doppelganger is killed and the real Rhodey is removed from the aliens' basement in hospital clothes.

Fans speculate that Rhodey was abducted immediately after the events of Civil War. This means that he missed all stages of the battle with Thanos, the vanishing of half of the human population, and even the funeral of Tony Stark. The aftermath of the character's years-long abduction will probably be shown in Armor Wars, Rhodey's solo movie.

This twist has already caused outrage among fans, who believe that Marvel has almost completely erased this character from the MCU, devaluing many important scenes that featured his doppelganger.

Another important twist is that, in the season finale, G'iah tricked her way into the machine that the Skrulls use to transfer other people's abilities to themselves and became the most powerful hero in the MCU. She now possesses the qualities of various superheroes at once.

With these special powers, G'iah kills Gravik and then joins Sonya Falsworth. The main question now is: how will Marvel use this nearly omnipotent superhero, and how are they going to explain her existence to fans who missed Secret Invasion?

Apparently, Secret Invasion will only directly affect the Armor Wars and the new adventures of Carol Danvers.