She-Hulk Writer Has a Major Issue With One Iron Man Scene

She-Hulk Writer Has a Major Issue With One Iron Man Scene
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Dan Slott took to Twitter to defend the most hated She-Hulk episode by comparing it to an outrageous Iron Man scene.

With three movies and four series coming out in 2022, Marvel garnered lots of praise and a fair share of criticism last year. Probably, the largest portion of criticism and hate befell the short MCU show She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

During its nine-episode run, the superhero miniseries was criticized over and over again for its poor CGI, storytelling, and character development. The criticism reached its peak after one post-credit scene of Episode 3.

In the episode, the superhuman law division got a new case involving a shape-shifting Light Elf from New Asgard who scammed a client while impersonating Megan Thee Stallion. Naturally, the rap star played herself in the episode, making her first official appearance in the MCU. In a brief cameo, the star twerked alongside CGI She-Hulk.

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Besides making numerous headlines with this cameo, the show also garnered endless criticism aimed at the scene. The commenters seemed to hate everything from terrible CGI to bad dance moves. While clearly serving as comic relief, the post-credits scene was deemed inappropriate by many viewers.

However, She-Hulk comic books writer Dan Slott doesn't think the twerking scene was that bad.

The writer took to Twitter earlier this week to defend the MCU show against uninformed and unfair criticism. He touched on the topic of the twerking scene, too. The author compared the scene with Tony Stark riding around in an airplane with a stripper pole and paying female employees to dance in front of him.

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Slott stressed that this creative mode of transportation was overlooked by the MCU haters though it was in fact much more outrageous than the scene from She-Hulk. Two women having fun is nothing in comparison with a man paying women to service his desires, the writer thinks.

"People upset over She-Hulk twerking for fun with a celebrity that *she* liked..." Slotter tweeted. "...somehow have NO problem with Tony Stark having a stripper pole in his private jet in 'IRON MAN 1'-- with women Tony Stark was paying to dance for *his* pleasure. Spare me this newfound outrage."

The She-Hulk comic writer added that this twerking scene could totally happen in comics despite many fans saying otherwise. As proof, he remembered the scene from the comic series when "Byrne had She-Hulk Jumping rope in a bikini." Besides, many comic storylines showed Jen partying and dancing, so there was no contradiction there, Slotter wrote.