Should Grey's Anatomy Episode 400 Have Been Series Finale?

Image credit: Legion-Media

ABC's long-running medical drama has just finished its 18th season, and many fans think it should have been its last.

The Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital staff story has already endured deaths, breakups, and medical mistakes, but their struggles continue to draw millions of viewers with each new episode, and ABC certainly doesn't want that to change. In the season finale, Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) decides to stay in Seattle after all, becoming the new head of the surgery department. There are plenty of juicy cliffhangers awaiting fans in the 400th episode, but many feel that the series is already over.

Discussing the finale on Twitter, fans concluded that the show's creative team decided to make it the last episode of the show, but quickly changed their minds later when ABC renewed it for a new season.

Others mock the episode for some questionable creative choices, including the already infamous plot turn with Owen and Teddy being on the run from the authorities.

Fans are still praising the 400th episode for its great script and long-awaited cameos. Many people expect season 19 to be an overhaul of the series, with unnecessary storylines finally being cut.

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