Show Stoppers: 5 Movies With the Least Predictable Fight Scenes

Show Stoppers: 5 Movies With the Least Predictable Fight Scenes
Image credit: Universal Pictures

This is not your average blockbuster fight.

Thrillers and action movies often feature various types of fighting between characters, where they use martial arts, weapons and vehicles.

Sometimes a movie can surprise with an unusual approach towards representing fighting, here are five examples of it.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010) by Edgar Wight

This action comedy film, based on the graphic novel series, adopts a number of distinctive features from comics, including the visually unique fighting scenes, which turn violence into some kind of a computer game with bright 2D elements and flashes mixed into the live action. Besides, Scott Pilgrim’s battles often end not without physical blows, but with some other kind of defeat, like tricking the opponent into losing.

There Will Be Blood (2007) by Paul Thomas Anderson

Despite its dramatic core, this award-winning classic movie features a number of fight scenes, where its portrayal of raw violence extremely terrifies an unprepared viewer. This includes the final scene of the movie, in which the character of Daniel Day-Lewis wildly lumbers at the protagonist and throws bowling pins at him, yelling like a beast.

Inception ( 2010) by Christopher Nolan

It’s impossible to talk about the innovative fighting scenes without mentioning Nolan's iconic hotel scene, where the opponents jump on the walls and the ceiling beating each other, given the gravity gradually shifting and almost disappearing in the end due to the movie’s complicated concept of dream projections, where fights take place.

Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022) by the Daniels

Inspired by classic martial-arts, mostly Kung Fu movies, this hit movie reimagines the nature of fighting in movies, building the structure of the battles like an obstacle course where you need to topple a barrier to shift to the next, more difficult one, presenting fighting in a more absurd and ridiculous manner than it’s usually done.

Malignant (2021) by James Wan

The inventive horror movie presents quite a surprising way of showing violence and murders as the plot twist unveils the mystery of the main heroine, who has an unborn evil twin growing from the back of her head, which force the movie’s villain move backward and slaughter his way through the victims with a dagger inversely.