Simple Reason Why $103M Threequel Ruined The Hangover Franchise

Simple Reason Why $103M Threequel Ruined The Hangover Franchise
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Back in 2009, the director of Joker gave us a wonderful buddy movie that made thousands of jokes and memes, and the story with Mike Tyson is still fascinating. But when did it all go wrong?

The Hangover 3, which was released in 2013, was met with a lot of criticism from fans and critics alike. Many were disappointed with the film and felt that it was a poor conclusion to the franchise.

So why is the third part so bad?

One of the main criticisms of the third installment was that it lacked the same humor and charm that made the first two films so successful.

The movie was marketed as a comedy, but many viewers felt that the jokes fell flat and the overall tone was too serious.

While the original Hangover struck a balance between comedy and drama, the third film seemed to lean too heavily on the tough-action side, leaving audiences disappointed.

Another problem with the movie was its lack of originality. The plot felt recycled and uninteresting, with the same characters getting into the same kinds of trouble.

The audience was bored and disengaged. It seemed that the filmmakers were simply trying to capitalize on the success of the first two films without making the effort to create something new and exciting.

Additionally, character development was lacking in Hangover 3. While the first film had a clear arc for each character, the third part seemed to ignore this aspect of storytelling.

The characters were flat and one-dimensional, with no real growth or change throughout the movie. This made it difficult for viewers to connect with the characters or worry about their journey.

After all, the film was criticized for being too dark. While the first two movies had their fair share of violence, Hangover 3 took it to a new level.

The film had several disturbing scenes that left viewers feeling uncomfortable and wondering why they were included in a supposed comedy.

Hangover 3 was a disappointment to many admirers of the trilogy. The lack of key pieces of the franchise left audiences feeling unsatisfied.

The movie may have been financially successful, but it failed to capture the same magic and charm of the previous episodes.