Some Fans Have Already Seen Morbius - And Hated It

Some Fans Have Already Seen Morbius - And Hated It
Image credit: Legion-Media

‘Morbius’ is set to hit the US screens on April 1, but the early screenings have already given some people a chance to check out the story of the vampirical anti-hero portrayed by Jared Leto.

It seems that the fans’ first impression about ‘Morbius ’ is meh.

After being delayed for several times, ‘Morbius’ has finally found its way to the screens, but looks like fans who had the first look at the movie did not enjoy it a lot. According to the early reviews, viewers are particularly disappointed with the visual effects and the storyline.

One of the journalists who got the chance to see ‘Morbius’ said that the movie is “as bad as you expected it to be”.

Others were perhaps even more critical.

Even those who are yet to see the movie seem to be ready to attack it.

But there are still some people ready to give the new Marvel anti-hero a chance.

Whatever people say, it is always helpful to go to the cinema yourself and form your own opinion about things. In the US, ‘Morbius’ hits the screens on April 1, telling the story of a scientist who, desperate to find a cure from his rare blood disease, turned himself into a vampire.