Sonic 2 Early Reviews Got People Talking

Sonic 2 Early Reviews Got People Talking
Image credit: Legion-Media

The beloved blue hedgehog is set to hit the screens on April 8, but some people really lived up to the motto “gotta go fast”.

Several lucky fans have already got their chance to check out the Sonic sequel. But it seems that the first reactions are not that flattering: reviews say that there is nothing quite groundbreaking in the movie and there might be just too much action.

Some of the critics particularly noted that the new Sonic story focuses more on the animated characters than the human ones. However, when it comes to the Sonic universe, is that really a disadvantage?

Even in light of some critical reviews from the press, many fans flock to Twitter threads to praise the movie.

It seems that fans actually root for the Sonic sequel more than for, say, yet another Sony attempt at superhero genre, ‘Morbius ’.

The first Sonic movie was released in 2020, having grossed $149 million in the United States and Canada and hitting a worldwide total of $319.7 million.