Stallone's Reaction to Uber Existing is At Least Half a Reason to Watch Tulsa King

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If a mob show with Sylvester Stallone was not on your bucket list for 2022, maybe it will be now.

It turns out that Sylvester Stallone "still got it", and moreover, the show that he leads has beaten House of the Dragon as highest-rated debut this year. At least some of the credit has got to go to Stallone's character, Dwight Manfredi, being old, just out of prison and totally unfamiliar with the modern technology that took over the world.

New Paramount series Tulsa King appears to be an unexpected hit, with fans themselves surprised at how quickly they grew on a show that follows a gangster who just got out of jail and got "banished" to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he has to set up new mafia operations. Meanwhile, he also struggles with things that were introduced in the world during the 25 years he spent behind bars: smartphones, gender pronouns, and... Uber.

"Half of Tulsa King is just Stallone confusingly reacting to modern technology and I love it," Twitter user Milo_AFC noted.

Some people would clearly prefer the show being more serious sometimes, but they still note that Tulsa King is great at comedy.

"'Tulsa King' should be renamed 'Boomer Gangster'. The amount of nonsensical things that happen in this show are ONLY because he is old and been in jail since 1997. From Uber, to legalized marijuana, to a debit card. This show is a great comedy, but a crime drama??....not so much," Twitter user 50shadesofsolg said.

Stallone himself noted that he and his character do have something in common when it comes to Uber: turns out, both have never used it. While Manfredi was too busy serving his jail sentence, Stallone revealed to USA Today Life that he does not even have the Uber app on his phone. In Stallone's family, it's his wife who usually drives him around, as the actor admitted that he is "not trusted behind the wheel".

With Tulsa King premiere episode beating House of the Dragon's ratings, the Stallone-led gangster series was quickly renewed by Paramount for season 2. The first season is set to consist of 10 episodes, with the next one premiering on December 11.

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