Star Trek's Most Unintentionally Funny Line Is Actually All Too Relatable

Star Trek's Most Unintentionally Funny Line Is Actually All Too Relatable
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Star Trek: The Next Generation is arguably the most important and influential of any series in the franchise.

The Next Generation (TNG) debuted in 1987 and ran for seven highly successful seasons. In fact, TNG was the most successful of any Star Trek series in terms of TV ratings, becoming the highest syndicated show of its era and winning multiple Emmys.

What's more, Star Trek: The Next Generation set a new precedent. During the time of its airing, TNG broke barriers for featuring a diverse, ethnic cast and giving them a platform to shine. Indeed, The Next Generation was instrumental for the careers of Michael Dorn (Worf), LeVar Burton (Geordi La Forge), and Gates McFadden (Dr. Beverly Crusher).

However, the beloved Star Trek TV series also had its fair share of bizarre or amusing incidents, too. How else could you explain what many TNG fans consider the most unintentionally funny line from the show:

"If there's nothing wrong with me… maybe there's something wrong with the universe!"

The TV quote is so memorable (and remarkably hilarious) that it's even spawned its own Reddit thread. The line, which was originally uttered by Dr. Crusher seems to have extra relevance here in the 21st century. As one poster agreed, it has to be the best Dr. Crusher quote of all-time.

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And, that's not the only time Dr. Crusher uttered something simply ridiculous on TV. For example, as one Redditor reminded, the entire episode that involved Dr. Crusher's grandmother was one of the more cringe-worthy moments of the show. The plot even contributed to a satire poking fun at Crusher's words:

"I did fall asleep reading a particularly erotic chapter in my grandmother's journal." As another Redditor quipped, that entire episode should never be seen by anyone, ever.

Despite Dr. Crusher being the brunt of most memes regarding Star Trek: The Next Generation, she's not the only character that gets ridiculed. For example, how could you forget some of these other unintentionally funny lines from TNG:

  • "Nice legs… for a human" – Worf
  • "Less talk – more synthehol" – Worf
  • "Baby needs a new pair of shoes" – Data
  • "Well, I know this much: we can't avoid the future" – Riker

It would appear that a TV series set in the 24th century has the advantage of commenting on the past, something of which Star Trek ironically does throughout its run. The reason Dr. Crusher's remarks endure because they are both funny and true. Often, the most relatable quotes are also the most profound. Also, sometimes oddly funny.

Therefore, people still laugh at Crusher not being able to relate to the rest of the universe because it's also strangely valid in our own lives. How often, after all, do you find yourself blaming the world while failing to look at your own issues? It seems we could all learn a lesson from Dr. Crusher.