Stephenie Meyer Revealed Original Twilight Ending You'll Either Love Or Hate

Stephenie Meyer Revealed Original Twilight Ending You'll Either Love Or Hate
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It's no secret that Stephenie Meyer changed her plans for the Twilight saga quite dramatically back in the day — and that it was not even supposed to be a saga at all.

What you most likely haven't heard, though, is how the ending was supposed to go originally.

Stephenie Meyer revealed it during a book signing session for the anniversary edition of Twilight when she also presented the Life and Death (gender-bent) version of the series.

Do you remember the whole story about spirit warriors in Eclipse?

Apparently, its purpose was to foreshadow and explain the first version of the ending.

How and why would it explain the ending, we hear you ask? Well, because in that version of the ending, there was a body swap between Edward and Jacob.

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Yes, you read it correctly, but we also couldn't believe it at first.

In the first edit of the final book, in the end, Jacob leaves his body as a spirit just like Taha Aki did in the story about spirit warriors, and Edward uses his mental powers to take it over.

Why exactly this was needed remains somewhat unclear, but it supposedly had something to do with fighting the newborn vampires.

After the battle is over, Jacob can't take over his own body back since Edward is for some reason unable to leave it; but Jacob also doesn't want to remain a spirit, so instead, he possesses Edward's body to come back to the world of the living.

Somehow, neither the Cullens nor Bella notice that right until Edward (who's now in Jacob's body) first transforms into his wolf form and everyone realizes that the wolf is now silver instead of reddish-brown.

This is explained by the fact that the wolf's fur color is determined by his soul, not his physical attributes.

You may very well think that this is an April Fools' joke, but then you'll have to check the calendar and inevitably realize that it isn't.

Some of the fans loved this initial draft of the ending and found it hilarious, coming up with their own scenarios for it:

"Imagine vampire Jacob going through the motions of transforming into a wolf by habit but just looking like a weird larper instead while wolf Edward takes vigorous, pointless showers to try and escape his own scent. Comedy Gold," commented Reddit user rkoplayer1.

But others despised this draft.

"Honestly that would have been too weird and unfitting for the story she was telling. I'm glad she scrapped that idea," said Apprehensive-Cut-786.

Whatever side you choose, you should know that one of the main reasons why Stephenie Meyer rewrote the ending was because her own mother hated it…

And this is pretty funny in itself, isn't it?