'Stranger Things 4': Fans Think Vecna Might Be After Mike

'Stranger Things 4': Fans Think Vecna Might Be After Mike
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In fact, pretty much everyone seems to be in danger, but some fans believe Mike should be especially cautious.

As we know, Vecna in 'Stranger Things ' is haunting people who are battling guilt or some kind of unresolved trauma. If you think about it, Mike Wheeler is probably one of the least expected characters to be cursed by Vecna, but fans beg to differ.

Over the course of season 4, some people have been growing more and more confident that there is some romantic tensions between Mike and Will Byers, with the latter supposedly being too shy to come out to his best friend.

Mike, who was shown to be deeply in love with Eleven, is considered to ultimately reject Will should he come out; but some people believe that Wheeler is suppressing his sexuality. This, people fear, could trigger some painful manipulation by Vecna.

Well, some fans clearly don't fear it – they rather can't wait.

"If Vecna doesn't say "Mike Wheeler I know what you are" in Vol 2 then what's the point," – @dxrlinggxd.

After all, there are different sorts of traumas Mike might be hiding, huh?

"Mike Wheeler gets Vecna'd but his trauma is finding out his mom was gonna sleep with Billy," – @theduskthedawn.

But seriously, Mike Wheeler is not known for being overly emotional. El took issue with him in the first episodes of season 4 for not being able to be fully open to her about his feelings, so that might make him extra vulnerable for Vecna.

"And when Mike gets Vecna'd bc he can't be open about his emotions and is hiding from his true feelings?" – @strangergrimess.

Obviously, now that Vecna has been confronted by the gang, and Max even managed to escape his curse, he might as well be after everyone without exception. With no one being actually safe, fans enter the Volume 2 week all anxious and excited at the same time.

'Stranger Things' season 4 finale hits Netflix on July 1.