'Stranger Things': Here's What Joseph Quinn Thinks About Kas Theory

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Let's hear it from Eddie Munson himself.

'Stranger Things' fans are still not ready to just let Joseph Quinn's Eddie Munson go after his heroic death in the season 4 finale. One of the most popular fan theories that explains his possible comeback is the Kas theory – a suggestion that the creators might tie things up to 'Dungeons & Dragons' even more and bring Eddie back as vampire Kas, one of Lord Vecna's former allies who turns against him and kills him.

The fan theory has garnered a lot of love online – not least due to the fact that it sounds incredibly plausible. However, Joseph Quinn himself has never commented on this or any other fan theory regarding Eddie Munson's comeback… until now.

"Who told you?" Quinn wondered when he heard a quick recap of the fan theory at Fan Expo Canada. "That's terrifying."

Finn Wolfhard, who was sitting right next to him, seemed to be more enthusiastic about the Kas theory, saying that if such a thing happened, it would be "amazing". The audience was very happy to hear that remark.

Although Quinn himself seems to be totally unaware about who Kas is – given that he initially thought that the "Kas theory" was "cats theory". However, the hope for Eddie Munson to come back is not dead – at least in Finn Wolfhard, who even said it could be possible that the Duffer brothers might bring Eddie back in some kind of a flashback.

Still, it hardly counts as an official confirmation. Quinn decided not to comment on the fan theory too much, immediately prompting fan speculation that he is dodging the questions related to Eddie's possible comeback.

Given that Quinn's character has garnered a huge amount of fan love, the Duffers might be regretting the decision to kill him off in the season 4 finale. However, it's too soon to be overly hopeful about Quinn returning to our screens as Eddie Munson – although anything might be possible in the future.

Season 5 is going to be the final one for 'Stranger Things'. The premiere date is yet to be announced, but the writing is officially underway.

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