Stranger Things Season 5 Should Finally Do Something About Will's Haircut

Stranger Things Season 5 Should Finally Do Something About Will's Haircut
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The sci-fi horror Stranger Things took Netflix by storm from the very first episode.

After one of their friends, Will, disappears in the middle of the night, a group of young friends in the town of Hawkins does everything in their power to find him.

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The group uncovers secrets beyond their wildest imaginations, involving secret government experiments and terrifying supernatural forces.

Although viewers don't get to see much of Will in the first season, he has become one of the most easily loved characters in the series. He is shy and kind and always loyal to his friends, who often turn to him for his wise words.

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It's no surprise that fans love him, for the most part, but there is one thing that has been troubling Stranger Things fans from the start when it comes to Will Byers; his haircut.

Since the show's inception, his character has been sporting a now infamous bowl cut, and his hairstyle has just become worse over time.

Whilst the other characters have matured and their looks have changed over the course of 4 seasons, Will just hasn't been able to escape his awful hairdo, which was debatably cute in the beginning when he was young.

Since then, Eleven's hair had a chance to grow out, although it did end up getting shaved again, Dustin ended season 4 with a trendy mullet and Steve has just always set the standards with his messy yet charming mop of hair. All of the characters have grown look-wise in one way or another.

At this point, it seems like a cruel joke; maybe the styling team hates him. His hair can be justified in some ways, he comes from a poorer family, and his mother Joyce has likely been cutting his hair his whole life, but that doesn't explain why his older brother Jonathan is a little better off in the hairstyle department, with his more grown out hair.

Out of all the things fans are hoping to see in season 5, one of the most talked about is seeing Will Byers with a different hairstyle. The actor himself, Noah Schnapp, understandably prefers a different hairstyle in real life and has spoken out about begging the Duffer Brothers to change his character's hair.

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Maybe some inspiration for his character can be taken from the actor himself, who keeps his hair short on the sides with a little bit of length on the top.

Everyone can agree that it's about time Will had a well-deserved glow-up.

After all, he didn't survive an abduction, a week being trapped in the Upside Down, and then being possessed by the Mind Flayer only to be remembered by fans for his awkward haircut of all things.