Survey Finds Actor With Most Sex Scenes: It’s SO Not Who You’d Think

Survey Finds Actor With Most Sex Scenes: It’s SO Not Who You’d Think
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That's the kind of survey we all deserve.

Which modern actor is most often seen in intimate scenes? Writer and blogger Carrie Wittmer conducted her own mini-investigation, watching a few hundred movies so we wouldn't have to. And the results were quite hilarious.

According to the data for 2020, when the study was conducted, the actor with the most sex scenes is… Keanu Reeves. Yeah, we are shocked too.

In 12 of the 50 movies Keanu has starred in, he has a sex scene, and that’s a total of 568 seconds of screen time. Next is Robert Pattinson with 410 seconds in 8 out of 22 movies. Then, almost catching up, are Jake Gyllenhaal, Brad Pitt and Robert Downey Jr.

At the same time, Adam Driver and Mahershala Ali did not have a single role with sex scenes. Carrie explains this by the fact that all these actors' careers started relatively recently, but immediately entered the peak of family blockbusters.

The funny one on this list is Tom Hanks, who has only one sex scene in a movie in his entire career. Hanks had such episode in the relatively recent A Hologram for the King.

Сarrie also came to a rather unexpected conclusion. The researcher believes that working with Marvel is a direct way to desexualize the actor. For example, before Robert Downey Jr. played Iron Man, the actor had 13.16% of his films with sex scenes. But when he joined Marvel, that number dropped to 0%.

Another interesting direction of this mini-research is to find out the ratio of regular movies to those with erotic scenes. And there was room for unexpected facts, too.

Timothée Chalamet turned out to be the leader – 50% of the movies in this actor's filmography contain scenes in which he has sex. However, everything below is similar to the previous list. Once again, Pattinson, Gyllenhaal and Reeves take the top spots.

In her article, Carrie Wittmer makes it clear that she treats herself and her work with irony. But she was serious about the challenge. Carrie took the 30 highest paid and most sought after male actors, and did not include roles in TV series, only feature films.

Source: The Ringer