SVU Cut That Bensler Scene In Episode 12, Robbing Fans Of The Real Deal

SVU Cut That Bensler Scene In Episode 12, Robbing Fans Of The Real Deal
Image credit: NBC

The new episode of Law & Order: SVU was certainly an emotional rollercoaster for those rooting for Elliot and Olivia to finally get together.

After an entire week of speculation fueled by the Bensler teaser in the promo, fans finally got to see the new episode of SVU, titled Blood Out, only to find out that the most anticipated scene was apparently cut.

With the air date for the episode being rescheduled and the final scene frustratingly different from what was shown in the promo, fans are now fuming after an NBC publication indicated that the scene was supposed to go in a completely different direction.

According to the article, when Elliot reveals his feelings to Olivia, she pulls away at the last moment, declares that she can't do it, and crumbles into his arms. While the hug would certainly be less satisfying than the kiss, it is definitely not what fans got in the final cut.

In the episode, Olivia immediately pushes Elliot away, albeit after admitting that she wants to reciprocate but "can't." No face-holding, no hugging, just Olivia's "I'm not ready for this". Naturally, fans were furious when they found out there was an alternate version of the scene.

According to fans, it was "misleading" of the show to air a promo that clearly showed a hug, only to have it completely edited out. Some people believe that the show is trying to build up more tension before making Bensler the endgame.

"I'm calling it right now. Elliot is going to have to almost die in order for Olivia to feel ready," Redditor astolenheart87 said.

Fans believe that something like this could happen in the season finale. However, many note that a hug would not ruin the tension the show is trying to build.

"The scene itself was so good and so deep and so Olivia and Elliot. It was just overshadowed by the promo of things that didn't happen. Why cut the hug? I didn't expect anything else to happen but the hug," Redditor mcwriter3560 said.

The next episode of Law & Order: SVU, titled Intersection, will air on February 2 on NBC.