TBBT Creator's Biggest Regret Is Now Causing Problems on Young Sheldon

TBBT Creator's Biggest Regret Is Now Causing Problems on Young Sheldon
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One decision could ruin the canon but save the ongoing show, or the other way around.

Although Young Sheldon has surprised fans with a few changes from the canonical story they know from The Big Bang Theory, the basic premise has always remained the same.

And for all 6 seasons of the show, fans have been waiting for the breaking point of Sheldon's life to happen on screen. Today, however, it seems that the show is going in a completely different direction.

It's hard to tell if the decision to change George's character was intentional from the beginning of the show, or if it came naturally during filming, but it's undeniable.

It's hard to see the raging alcoholic and absent father that Sheldon told viewers about on The Big Bang Theory; in Young Sheldon's George Cooper, we saw ourselves.

Of course, perspective matters: Sheldon's fondness for his mother can be explained by her devotion to his special needs, while his father interacts with him as he does with all his children.

But everything else we see of George in Young Sheldon is so different that it simply cannot be explained canonically.

The even bigger question now is that the older Cooper has become so beloved by fans and showrunners alike. Will he die in Young Sheldon?

"Had I known it would end up having an impact on Young Sheldon, I might have thought twice about it," Steve Molaro, the executive producer of the show, admitted in the book The Big Bang Theory: The Definitive, Inside Story of the Epic Hit Series.

This regret may be just enough for Molaro to reconsider her decision to kill off George, at least for the Young Sheldon series.

Although this would mean breaking canon and changing the background of Sheldon's life so much that his character would be missing some important motivations, it would potentially save the prequel from the illogical finale.

Depending on what the production team deems more important, it could really go either way.

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