Team Edward Will Never Forgive Twilight Movies For This

Team Edward Will Never Forgive Twilight Movies For This
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It's a miracle Edward managed to get any fans on his side when Twilight premiered.

With a story as long and detailed as Twilight, there is a chance that some details will be lost when the books are adapted into movies.

While the main plot was translated just well enough to create a huge fan base, there is something that #TeamEdward will always be bitter about.

When you first meet Edward as a viewer, you get the feeling that he's going to be very important to the story. Very mysterious, yet popular, Edward quickly captures not only Bella's attention but also that of many fans.

However, book readers all agree that he could have been portrayed even better if his flirtatious, playful side wasn't completely cut out from the movie.

"Edward is not as bad as I have thought for so long. I mean, of course, he still has his flaws and very questionable actions, but the movies left out so much detail, small moments, and so much of their time together. These moments really help you understand how Bella fell so hard for him," one Redditor said, explaining their surprise after they finally managed to catch up with the books.

Although fans also admit that the book Edward has his darker side more prominent, they feel that he lacks a lot of personality.

The same goes for Bella, they agree.

The story would be much more believable if there were more intimate and sweet moments shown between the two main characters, rather than focusing so much on the drama that came with Edward's secret.

After all, the main issue critics had with the movie at the time of their premiere was that the characters were too boring to care about.

Taking a few more bits and pieces from the books would have helped immensely, readers say.

If you're feeling nostalgic and want to relive Bella and Edward's love story once again, you can stream Twilight on Netflix, HULU, HBO Max, and Paramount Plus.