Teen Wolf Fans Furious Over Allison's Revival Spoiled in Movie Trailer

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Even the joy of finally getting their hands on the long-anticipated trailer was not enough to overcome the disappointment this very trailer brought to fans.

A new trailer for 'Teen Wolf: The Movie' was unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday, bringing mixed emotions to fans. On one side, the movie is finally coming out after years of waiting. On another side, the trailer appeared to have already spoiled what could have been the movie's most pivotal moment: the revival of Allison.

Yes, Allison Argent, who succumbed to a wound from an Oni sword after she embarked on a mission to save Lydia from the hands of the nogitsune, is officially well and alive per the trailer – even though it remains unclear how exactly she managed to survive.

But what could be a celebration for fans turned out to be a moment of frustration. Back at the time of season 3B, people were actually mourning Allison's death, with her name remaining in Twitter trends for days.

The fact that Allison's miraculous revival is revealed in the trailer like it's no big deal simply does not sit well with fans who still remember how tragic her death was to the fandom. Making them go through all the pain of losing a character very dear to their hearts just for shock value? Well, that sort of creative decision wouldn't be welcomed by Teen Wolf fandom, that's for sure. Still, there's hope that the creative team behind 'Teen Wolf: The Movie' actually has some sort of plan in place to give fans a satisfactory explanation:

"I hope it's something like an entity using her likeness to trick Scott and the others. Otherwise it feels like a nonsensical addition to the plot." – @AsiaLuv8

Another thing about Allison in 'Teen Wolf: The Movie' trailer is that she seems to look quite villainous – which, according to many fans, simply does not align with the character.

"It looks like she’s the villain which makes no sense at all haha she fought to save her friends even if it meant she could die so after 15 years she comes back and tries to kill those same friends that she died saving?" – @Nomad9223

Other people suggested that there might be more to Allison's sudden return to the game if the trailer reveals it so easily. Still, a lot of people are angry with 'Teen Wolf' for ruining the potentially dramatic moment.

The movie will be streaming on Paramount Plus, with the exact premiere date to be revealed later.

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