Teen Wolf's Biggest Villain Was Wasted so Badly, Fans Are Still Not Over It

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Over the six seasons of Teen Wolf, the show has had many truly memorable, deadly villains, but unfortunately the one-time MTV's biggest series has had a distinct problem: most of these villains have been utterly mediocre.

And while we will always be grateful to the creators of Teen Wolf for void!Stiles, who was certainly the show's peak villain, the potential for one of Teen Wolf's deadliest villains was wasted so badly, fans are still upset about it years after the show ended.

We're talking about Peter Hale, of course, who was the main villain of the very first season of Teen Wolf and pulled it off brilliantly. Sadly, Peter Hale's villainous potential was later lost as he gradually morphed into an increasingly melodramatic antagonist with pretentious but ultimately meaningless and shallow villainous monologues.

Most Teen Wolf and Peter Hale fans agree that they prefer Peter as a morally ambiguous character to him as an over-the-top villain circa season 4. Moreover, a lot of fans clearly hated or were disappointed with Peter's villainous turn in season 4. "Season 4 was such a stupid waste of the character," fans say, it's hard to shake off the sense of frustration at all the missed opportunities.

Another popular complaint about Peter is the wasted potential of his backstory; the show's creators could have made Peter into someone who actually used to be a nice guy before tragedy turned his whole world upside down, wiping out his entire family and sending him on a path of revenge and madness. That way, some fans say, Peter Hale would have worked somewhat better as a tragic antihero.

Of course, in later Teen Wolf seasons, we learn that this could never work because, as they showed us in Season 3, Peter Hale was never a nice guy, but rather a scheming, manipulative character whose actions led to the death of Derek's then-girlfriend Paige.

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