'Teen Wolf: The Movie' Early Reactions Are Out, And Fans Are Worried

'Teen Wolf: The Movie' Early Reactions Are Out, And Fans Are Worried
Image credit: Legion-Media

MTV's teenage mystery show ended not that long ago, and the upcoming feature film is definitely poised to revive the franchise. But will it succeed?

Expanding successful TV series into movies is not a surprising tactic, but many fans were still stunned to hear that 'Teen Wolf ' would receive such an honor, considering how many years have passed since the series ended. But MTV decided to seize the opportunity by bringing in such original actors as Tyler Posey, Holland Roden and Tyler Hoechlin for another chapter of the werewolf story. Despite some anticipation on the 'Teen Wolf' fandom's part, many people immediately suspected that the end result would not be as stellar as one would hope.

"It's going to be those fast paced straight to streaming movies with duration of 1 hour and 45 minutes," – @farhan__mehmood.

And now, after some industry insiders have seen a preview of the film, it looks like the worst expected is actually true – the film is outdated and simply uninspiring.

"Just seen an exclusive sneak peak of the #TeenWolf film… straight out of 2010, in every way possible." – @MoFromStreamr.

In addition, some fans were concerned that beloved actor Dylan O'Brien would not return to his role as Stiles Stilinski and would miss the entire movie altogether. But it seems that many have already come to terms with this, calling Stiles the most boring part of the entire original series.

"Wished we had Kira back and I'm glad Styles was written off, he was literally just a human. Imagine if he was never friends with Scott, he'd still be a nobody." – @hexgworl.

Filming has already ended, so fans should expect 'Teen Wolf: The Movie' to debut sometime this fall.