That Gut-Punching Tarantino Update May Mean the Best Thing, Actually

That Gut-Punching Tarantino Update May Mean the Best Thing, Actually
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The disappointment of the year for sure.


  • Despite recent reports that Quentin Tarantino ’s tenth and final movie was already in the works, it’s all officially false now as the director canceled his upcoming project.
  • Tarantino’s film’s plot details weren’t revealed before, but Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise were rumored to be taking up the leading roles.
  • The reasons for such a decision remain unclear, though it’s quite possible that Tarantino feels pressured by his own theory that he’s obsessed with.

All the news about Quentin Tarantino’s final movie’s production start can be officially shut down now as the movie itself is apparently not happening.

Just out of blue, when everything seemed to be more than fine for Tarantino’s The Movie Critic, the director canceled it entirely — according to reports coming from Deadline, he just changed his mind.

The movie that seemingly failed to ever make it to the big screens had all the reasons to become one of the upcoming years’ biggest hits.

Several months before rumors had it that Brad Pitt had been cast for the leading role — what was even more exciting, the actor supposedly landed the role of Cliff Booth, the character that he got to play in Tarantino’s 2019 comedy drama Once Upon a Time in Hollywood starring Leonardo DiCaprio. On top of that, Tom Cruise was also in talks to accompany Pitt on set for an unknown role.

Another reason for the film’s quite predictable success with both viewers and critics is that The Movie Critic was supposed to be Tarantino’s final touch in the industry.

According to the director’s idee fixe, his filmography will be limited to only ten movies as his work quality will inevitably worsen once he’s not that young and creative.

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Now the reports suggest that Tarantino had to rewrite the script, got a new draft — and then suddenly gave it all up. The director most likely just didn’t like the way everything in the movie would turn out and decided that it wasn’t worth the shot — sad, but we may never get to know what The Movie Critic was about after all.

The reasons for the proclaimed director’s unexpected decision remain shrouded in mystery, but some may connect the dots taking into account the idea he’s obsessed about.

Given that the never-happening movie was somehow destined to be Tarantino’s final project, he may have thought that its script just wasn’t that good for becoming his farewell to the cinema, not as perfect as he would want it to be.

To debunk the fans’ biggest fears, the reports specify that, despite having one movie idea canceled, Tarantino still sticks to arcing his long-lasting career with the tenth film and can potentially be drafting something completely new right now.

Thus, as some users on Reddit have already pointed out, everyone can only expect him to be extremely picky in terms of the last film’s plot – and eventually to go much bigger than settling with only some kind of epilogue for his directing story.

Though nobody would mind seeing eleven or even more films crafted by Tarantino, the director seems to be adamant in his long-standing theory — at least we’ll get to see one perfectly made movie.

Source: Deadline, Reddit