That Time the Paparazzi Gave Us an Iconic Poster for a Lindsay Lohan Movie

That Time the Paparazzi Gave Us an Iconic Poster for a Lindsay Lohan Movie
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No one is more hated in the world than the paparazzi (and for good reason!). These sneaky reporters are always looking to take unflattering photos of high-profile celebrities!

However, there was one encounter with them that turned out to be the best-case scenario for one particular movie.

It was the year 2005. Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine teamed up for a run-of-the-mill rom-com with some fantasy elements, Just My Luck.

The movie would be released a year later and would be a commercial success, though it would be hated by critics. Rom-coms usually are.

The filming stage was difficult for everyone because this was around the time Lindsay Lohan was at her peak, and the reporters followed her everywhere.

One day, the actress was in a good mood and didn't even mind the paparazzi taking pictures of her.

One particularly nosy reporter managed to snap a shot of Lindsay winking (just his luck!), and the image was so good that the movie people decided to use it for the now-famous Just My Luck poster.

According to E! News, the picture became so viral at the time that it reportedly even inspired the movie's tagline – "Everything changed in the wink of an eye."

Lohan may not have been at her best back then, but she has always been iconic! No one could argue with that.

Despite not being critically acclaimed, the movie found its audience. Ah, the 2000s were the era of legendary feel-good comedies!

With a budget of $28 million, Just My Luck grossed $38 million worldwide. Not bad at all!

Unfortunately, in 2007, Lohan's substance abuse began to catch up with her, and she was admitted to rehab for the first time.

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It would take many years for Lindsay to truly get back on her feet, but she finally did, and we are happy for her!

In 2022, the former bad girl appeared in a Netflix movie, Falling for Christmas. In fact, she is set to star in two more Netflix projects.

One of them is a fantasy rom-com, titled Irish Wish, which is scheduled for release in 2024, and the other one's details are still under wraps.

Lindsay is a pro in the genre, so we are really excited to see more of her in the upcoming movies!

Source: E! News