The 17 Best Action Movies to Stream on Prime Video in April 2024

The 17 Best Action Movies to Stream on Prime Video in April 2024
Image credit: Universal Pictures

Action movies are a hard thing to love. There's just too much crap being made these days, with various small studios and money-hungry producers trying to cash in on the success of real Hollywood blockbusters by making cheap and uninspired copies.

However, there are still plenty of ingenious action movies to be found among the myriad of bad ones, as some directors actually put a lot of time and effort into creating real buddy-buddy action productions. And there's no better place to watch wonderful action movies than Amazon Prime, a streaming service with one of the largest selections of action movies around.

Here are 17 of the best action movies to stream on Amazon Prime in April 2024:

As you can see from this list, the action genre is not just about billion-dollar Hollywood franchises, as some of the best works in the genre were actually made on a shoestring budget and without A-list actors, and every single entry on this list can easily compete with the likes of "Star Wars " and MCU.

Of course, great CGI and practical effects can elevate the quality of an action movie, but some of the oldies mentioned above managed to achieve greatness without them.

If action movies are your genre of choice, watching this list from start to finish is sure to deepen your love of explosions, car chases, and shootouts.