The 17 Best Mystery Movies to Stream on Netflix in April 2024

The 17 Best Mystery Movies to Stream on Netflix in April 2024
Image credit: Sony Pictures, Netflix

If you're in the mood to speculate about something and put your brain through the exercise of connecting the dots and spotting the clues, then you probably should go for some mystery movies.

And thankfully, Netflix has quite a few interesting ones in its library.

Don't confuse mystery with a thriller. While both work with a gradual unraveling of truth during the runtime, thrillers usually focus on building the anxiety and adding sudden twists, whereas mysteries tend to be less prone to intentionally shocking the viewer.

It doesn't make mysteries more shallow — they just deliver the story in a different way. And while these genres often overlap, thriller can be considered a subgenre of mystery. A good story with this premise will leave the viewer pleasantly confused throughout the movie and satisfied when it gets to the conclusion.

Most of Netflix's original mysteries tend to mix this genre with comedy and action, like Glass Onion, Murder Mystery, Spenser Confidential, or both installments of Enola Holmes, but thankfully, the service offers much more than its own works, including some of the well-known classics like L.A. Confidential or Devil in a Blue Dress.

The way mysteries unravel is satisfying to watch.