The 2000s’ Underrated Classic Film Is Getting a Sequel That Will Change Everything

The 2000s’ Underrated Classic Film Is Getting a Sequel That Will Change Everything
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Though the idea will stay the same, it will get its own unexpected twists.


  • Numerous rumors about Freaky Friday’s upcoming sequel have been circulating for quite some time now, but the recent news seems to have confirmed what fans have been waiting for.
  • The original movie from 2003 follows a mother and a daughter who unexpectedly swap their bodies and thus will have to face some challenges from each other’s daily life.
  • The sequel also got its first plot details that will have to do with the same idea, but will also bring new characters on the stage.

The news about Freaky Friday’s potential sequel has been around for a while now with the film’s actresses Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan unambiguously teasing an upcoming update of the 2003’s story.

Now that Entertainment Weekly’s report is confirming that Freaky Friday 2 is definitely in the works, it also shares some brand new details about the plot — and it seems like things will get much more complicated.

The original movie, which also happens to be a 1976 film’s reboot, follows Tess and Anna, constantly arguing mother and daughter portrayed by Curtis and Lohan respectively, who swap their bodies after eating fortune cookies in a Chinese restaurant.

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As both of them are very different, and not only in view of their age, Tess and Anna will thus have to find a way to deal with each other’s daily problems and then get out of the bizarre situation with at least a little bit more understanding for each other.

Now that the sequel is on its way, the report suggests that the body-swap idea remains the pivotal part of the renewed plot, but there will possibly be some more characters added to the spell effect.

According to the first pages of the script that Entertainment Weekly got to see, the story will now get focused on Harper, Anna’s teenage daughter, and Lily, daughter of Anna’s future husband who Harper categorically disapproves of.

This way the script allegedly proves that now it’s Anna that will swap bodies with her daughter Harper and then Lily switching hers with — surprisingly — Tess, Harper’s grandma.

The upcoming sequel will also feature some references to the original movie like, for example, Anna’s reflections about her not being that cool anymore — the adult’s thought that goes in contrast with her teenage life back in 2003’s Freaky Friday.

Source: Entertainment Weekly