The 35 Best Horror Movies Released in the Last 5 Years

The 35 Best Horror Movies Released in the Last 5 Years
Image credit: Universal Pictures, Cinedigm

The genre of horror has been through a significant resurgence in the past 5 years.

Widely known tropes have been either adapted in their most cliche state with undying love for the movies that started them or have been reworked to the point of being nearly unrecognizable in their freshness. This combination of nostalgia-driven movies and those who wanted to change the game made the past years very interesting for the genre.

Classic horror franchises like Saw and Scream were resurrected and were met with love and critical acclaim.

Entries from Jordan Peele, Nope and Us, shook the viewers to the core with their unique narration that was paired beautifully with Peel's trademark cinematography.

But where Peele goes for the unconventional methods of making the viewers uncomfortable, others, like The Night House, decided to go for a tried-and-true formula but elevated it with a great performance and interesting unraveling of the main mystery.

The diversity of horrors released in the past 5 years is astonishing, and lovers of the genre can find anything, from mind-twisting slow-paced thrillers drowning the viewers in suspense to movies filled with gore and blood to the brim, happily repeating the tropes from the golden era.