The 7 Marvel Series That Are Must-Watches, Ranked

The 7 Marvel Series That Are Must-Watches, Ranked
Image credit: Legion-Media

When the current generation of Marvel started expanding to TV, it was a blast: more lore for those who like delving deep into it, more stories for those who just want to follow their favorite characters, and more funny cameos for casual viewers.

These shows are the ones that definitely deserve our attention — though some deserve a little bit more of it.

Not all of these, however, are a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Legion being one that was conceived with The X-Men in mind and as something that should become a huge surprise to anyone who follows the Marvel-related media.

But all of these shows, no matter how closely they are connected to the record-breaking movies of the past decade, provide you with a deeper look into the characters that you already know or that you just met.

The best thing a comic book adaptation can do is to make you want to pick up the original comic because you want to learn even more about these characters and their adventures — and that's exactly the effect these series have on the viewers. They keep them interested and hyped for whatever Marvel has already done and plans to do.