The Big Bang Theory Ended Raj the Moment They’ve Let Him Speak

The Big Bang Theory Ended Raj the Moment They’ve Let Him Speak
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So much potential wasted.


  • Throughout the 12 seasons of The Big Bang Theory, almost every original character has grown and changed.
  • However, Raj Koothrappali's storyline has been the least satisfying, and his finale has caused a lot of controversy.
  • While some viewers think he deserved to find love, others think he should have ended up in therapy to work out all his issues.

If you've spent more than a few days on the Internet and are familiar with Reddit terms and culture, you know that the title "nice guy" is not as nice as it sounds. These guys think they are perfectly polite and sweet to women, but they usually fail to hide their misogynistic and manipulative ways of getting into relationships.

For years, fans of The Big Bang Theory were certain that the most dangerous and generally horrible to women of all the characters was Howard, especially in the early seasons. But he wasn't subtle about his intentions and didn't even try to sugarcoat his creepiness.

Raj did, and the moment he managed to overcome his selective mutism around women, he became the biggest player of all the men on the show. From trying to juggle two girlfriends at once to putting a woman down because of her job, Raj made one mistake after another, so no wonder he ended up lonely.

Who Did Raj End Up With?

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While it was unfortunate to see Raj sitting alone in the finale, it cannot be denied that it was expected. Throughout the years of relationships, he had many chances to learn from past mistakes, analyze and go over some of the break-up conversations, and just do better in the future. But he didn't, and that's what led him to failure.

“He doesn‘t even realize why women don‘t want him..some of his statements are so problematic and weird that I can understand how he doesn‘t keep a stable relationship. That explains that he didn‘t have a lot of development at the end of the show,” Redditor Jjk-girly said.

Not only did Raj not want to admit he was wrong or rethink his approach to women in conversation, he was also not willing to give up the unrealistic expectations he had of love. It was nice to see a man with a vulnerable and romantic side, but with such expectations and little to give in return, he was doomed to fail.

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By keeping Raj mute around women for longer, the writers could have pushed him into therapy, which would definitely help with any relationship issues he had. Or, at the very least, it would allow viewers to continue to blame his odd behavior and reactions on alcohol. Without that excuse, he simply became the least likable of his group of friends.

Considering he was friends with Sheldon Cooper, that says a lot.

If you're interested in re-watching The Big Bang Theory and refreshing your memory of Raj's unacceptable behavior in any romantic situation, you can go ahead and stream all 12 seasons of the show on Max.

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