'The Boys': Here's What Happened to Ryan Butcher in Comics

'The Boys': Here's What Happened to Ryan Butcher in Comics
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You might not be ready for this.

If you are excited to watch the destiny of Ryan Butcher, the son of Homelander, in 'The Boys ', and can't help but wonder what happened to Ryan in the comics, we warn you: this is a rare occasion when Amazon's TV show is not that disturbing… compared to its source material.

See, in the comics, there is no such person as Ryan Butcher. Unlike the TV show, the comic book series has Black Noir, not Homelander, raping Billy Butcher's wife, even though Noir was disguised as the leader of the Seven. Given that the comics also establish that Black Noir is a clone of Homelander, that might essentially be the same thing, but still.

In a stark contrast with the TV show, the comic book version of "Homelander's son" did not get to live more than a year – but, judging by how agressive the fetus was from the moment of conception, it might be for the better.

The superpowered fetus was so vicious from its very first moments that it apparently ripped itself out of Becca's womb. His abilities are close enough to what Amazon's Ryan Butcher appeared to have inherited: superhuman strength, as well as heat vision and laser eyes.

This very laser eyes the fetus used against Billy Butcher, who was lucky enough to have a lamp-stand near at hand to protect himself. The lamp-stand ended the fetus' short but undoubtedly eventful life.

Some people are actually glad that the show decided not to follow this particular comic book storyline, because it could have made it really hard to root for Butcher when he kills babies (even as evil as Black Noir's fetus).

"I remember the one from the show with a crowbar staring menacingly at one child supe who killed his wife, just that Homelander came and that let him cool his mind. At least enough to remember Becky made him promise to look after the kid. So I am not sure Show's Butcher would have acted entirely different if there were no promise or Homelander to interrupt him." – /Dveralazo

Despite being way less aggressive, Ryan Butcher from 'The Boys' is certainly entering his villain era in the upcoming fourth season. The final shots of season 3 finale show Ryan smiling after his father fries someone's head with his laser eyes, and this smile promises nothing good.