'The Boys': Is Black Noir Really Dead?

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It might be too early to bury him for good.

'The Boys' eighth and final episode surely did Black Noir pretty rough. Despite pretty much every fan expecting the mute superhero to finally get his revenge on Soldier Boy, Homelander has quickly subverted these expectations by gruesomely tearing out Black Noir's intestines.

But did it really kill him?

Fans realized they might have been too quick to pronounce the silent supe dead. After all, Black Noir has already survived Soldier Boy literally tearing a part of his brain away, so his healing factor might have saved him from Homelander's violent outburst as well.

'The Boys' Twitter account quickly fueled their doubts by pledging that the animated spinoff 'Diabolical' will "gut ya again in no time", providing a cartoon still with… Black Noir. This immediately had fans thinking that perhaps the show is trying to hint that things are not that bad for him.

"I doubt Noir is dead. I mean we saw him left for dead but Soldier Boy also beat his brain out of his skull and he survived that. Also people that read the comic know about the big reveal so in some way I feel they are going to make that happen even if not exactly like the comics." – @LeftHandKOPower.

In fact, this is partially true. But don't get too hyped up.

"If anybody is wondering it has been already confirmed that Black Noir is not death as a character, the problem is that the Black Noir we saw being murdered is death :( so sad he didn't accomplish nothing with Soldier boy before he died." – @CarlosAndrsPie2.

Here's how it is now: Black Noir is officially dead, killed by Homelander in season 3 finale. But in season 4, the very same Nathan Mitchell would portray a "replacement" Black Noir, whom showrunner Eric Kripke described to Entertainment Weekly as a "whole new" and "hilarious". But "the guy who was inside Black Noir's suit" is definitely "gone".

But it seems that it was this particular guy who fans grew attached to, especially after final episodes of 'The Boys' season 3 revealed more of his gruesome backstory with Soldier Boy.

Now that season 3 is finished (just like Black Noir we knew…), we'll have to wait until season 4 arrives and takes us on yet another journey into 'The Boys' unsettling universe.

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