'The Boys': Season 3 Finale Plot Hole Spotted By Fans

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The Amazon Prime superhero series ended its latest installment with a tense confrontation, but fans believe that one character was only saved by the writers' decision.

In a huge battle at Vought headquarters, the long-awaited showdown between Homelander and Soldier Boy with Billy the Butcher took place. In the end everyone was badly hurt, and Homelander's son Ryan actually sided with his villain father instead of Butcher, who had always been good to the boy. And even though Soldier Boy was put back into cryostasis without even killing his nemesis Homelander, people think Jensen Ackles' character could have easily killed the crazy supe if one plot hole created by the show's writers hadn't prevented him from doing so.

The truth about Soldier Boy and Homelander was revealed just before the battle began: the villainous superhuman was in fact the son of the first supe. What a revelation, right? Homelander decided to appease his angry father with the help of his grandson Ryan, but Soldier Boy knocked the kid out, causing Butcher to react violently. Moments later, Homelander was knocked out by Maeve, and instead of letting Soldier Boy kill the unconscious villain, Butcher hits him with a nerve agent, sending him back to oblivion. Yes, Butcher literally throws his chance to kill Homelander out the window for no apparent reason.

"My question is why couldn’t they have offed Homelander then used the nerve agent on Soldier Boy? Why couldn’t both Butcher and MM get what they wanted?" – /wrightentertainment.

And even though this is a great example of a plot hole deliberately made by the writers, fans are taking quite the liking to it, expecting season four to finally make Homelander the main villain of the entire series. Not Vought or Stan Edgar or someone else – just Homelander, in all his gory glory and insanity.

"After 3 seasons they are DEFO building Homie up to be the endgame villain. Every season a tertiary villain will align with him and so the big H will never suffer direct dire life-or-death circumstances until the final season, but the secondary villain will. Until then we'll get to keep enjoying his horrible acts of depravity, inhumane treatment of others, and his constantly declining mental state. Best. TV. Villain. Ever." – /JTS1992.

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