'The Boys' Season 3: Iconic Russian Supe Confirmed To Return In 'Herogasm'

Image credit: Amazon

Amazon Prime just released a teaser for the upcoming 'Herogasm' episode, and it looks like one fan favorite character is dead set on reappearing in the series.

With only a couple of days separating fans from the wild ride that 'Herogasm' is sure to become, people can't help but learn more about how Amazon will handle the controversial source material. An entire episode set during a massive superhero orgy filled with tons of sexual perversion and intense violence sounds like a lot, but it looks like Eric Kripke and his creative team have at least one more surprise in store for fans – Love Sausage is officially confirmed to appear in the upcoming episode.

The towering giant with an R-Rated superpower of using his penis as a deadly weapon was last seen in the previous season as one of the inmates of Vought's maximum-security prison. And judging by the teaser, Sausage has managed to escape captivity, once again becoming one of the most prominent participants in the upcoming orgy. Given his ridiculous superpowers, fans are wondering if Vought keeps Sausage locked up every year until inviting him to 'Herogasm'.

In addition to a minor role in season 2, Love Sausage had an extensive narrative arc in the original comics, and fans are glad that Amazon seems to have allowed this controversial character to reach his full potential. Especially considering the curious side effect of his superpowers, that would definitely end up being a very funny scene.

"In the comics that's not his power. In the comics he's just super strong and durable, and his weakness is getting erections." – /Dknight560.

'Herogasm' episode is scheduled to arrive on Amazon Prime on June 24.

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