The Cry List: Top 25 Tearjerker Movies Ever Made

The Cry List: Top 25 Tearjerker Movies Ever Made
Image credit: Legion-Media, Toho

Crying during a movie is one of the most cleansing and comforting things in the world, and there's a reason for it. Instead of experiencing traumatic events themselves, possibly endangering their lives and psyches, viewers use movies as a tool to get the emotions out of themselves, crying along with the characters just to get a sense of relief.

In this sense, movie directors are the best psychiatrists! But sometimes the amount of crying you have to do while watching the movie gets pretty intense, as Hollywood has learned how to create a perfect tearjerker every time.

Here are the 25 best movie tearjerkers of all time, ranked:

While the process of making viewers cry may seem simple at first glance, it's actually quite a complicated process to master, as the director's attempts to make viewers sad can easily be picked up by them, and the director will quickly be accused of manipulative behavior.

Great tearjerkers are subtle and expertly created - if you have seen any of the movies mentioned above, you know that none of them are great just because of the tear-jerking moments, as all of them would be pretty solid pictures even without half the audience crying.

But be warned! If you want to see some of the movies on this list but don't want to cry your heart out, we beg you to reconsider and choose another movie. After all, you have to be in the right mood to truly experience the tearjerking magic.